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#ChatGPT is a trending topic. The artificial intelligence, or #AI, #technology is catching many people's attention because of its endless possibilities -- both good and bad. The #chatbot is helping people manage routine tasks and enhance their learning. Yet, AI scholars and users are raising concerns about the nature and degree of its flaws and limitations.  

Use: The Productivity Booster  

Many users have described ChatGPT as a productivity booster. For example, it can summarize content like books and research papers, creates study tools like quizzes, writes code, and builds email templates. People like entrepreneurs benefit because it helps slash costs when starting a new business, primarily since it supports content creation like social media and customer queries. Some other chatbots are beginning to use the large language model that powers ChatGPT to become more efficient.  

Concerns: Prone to Biases and Can't Weed Out All Inappropriate Requests  

Still under consideration are the potential for biases and inappropriate requests. Some sexists, racists, and other offensive language or insights can weave their way into the results due to the people training the artificial intelligence, or AI, product. While users can express that they dislike the content, AI researchers are working on guidelines for more responsible practices. Even though it's programmed to avoid inappropriate requests, it may have some blind spots. The AI research and deployment company that trained the model, Open AI, is collecting feedback and improving the system.  

Short-Term Memory: The AI Tool Isn't A Know-It-All…Yet 

ChatGPT can act as a knowledge center but only knows so much. As of January 2023, "it has limited knowledge of world events after 2021." Open AI shared that tidbit and, as a result, encourages its users to check the accuracy of the system's responses.  

ChatGPT is a work in progress, but if you are weighing the costs and benefits, consider alternatives like #YouChat and #PerplexityAI.  


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