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Drupal Easy Cohort 2022-2023

In August 2022, I started the year-long Discover Drupal program. It offers skills-based training to support front-end and back-end web development using the content management platform Drupal. 

The first part of the program is an online 13-week bootcamp called DrupalEasy. I participated in classes twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays lasting 2.5 hours, attended office hours, and discussed best practices with my mentor either once or twice a week.  The program wrapped up in November 2022.

Upon completion of bootcamp, students of the program are to participate in self-guided online courses, workshops, and the community by supporting module developments. 

At the end of program, students show portfolio of Drupal work and attend an all-expense paid trip to DrupalCon Pittsburgh in June 2023, the organization's annual conference. 

Drupal Academy: Drupal Easy 2022-2023 Cohort